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from:Jan Herodek <jan@onepixelbrush.com>
Hi Reklamy,
I’m Jan, one of the producers at One Pixel Brush. Shaddy said you were „cool guys“ and Svetla was telling me that we had a lot of fun working with you. 🙂 So I wanted to get in touch to ask about your current concept needs and your future projects that we could help with.
Our teams would really enjoy working with you again on anything you’ve got going on. Right now, we are about 50 concept artists, who are experts in environments, characters and hard surface concepts :), and are available to work on about 10 images at once.
Btw. We keep adding new art here www.artstation.com/onepixelbrush

Anyway, I just wanted to connect and see about your concept art needs.
Hope you’re having a great week!Jan


Hi Jan, Thank you very much for your mail and keeping us in mind. 😊
We had fun working with your team as well, and I was wondering how you are.

Right now, our company is in the nascent stages building our next game, while starting several Metaverse projects in tandem; one with All Nippon Airways: https://www.jpgamesinc.com/en/news/2022082302.html

And the other in collaboration with Japanese megabanks, tech, insurance companies and others, to create a sustainable future Metaverse lifestyle space first in Japan, and then worldwide: https://www.fujitsu.com/global/about/resources/news/press-releases/2023/0227-02.html

I was actually wondering we could lend our FINAL FANTASY inspired 3DCG talents and out-of-the-box-game systems to any of the projects you (or even any of your friend companies) are working on. At the moment, we aren’t so much in the conceptual art phase for our projects, but I wouldn’t mind jumping on a quick call even to catch up. Please feel free to let me know if that sounds like a good idea. Thanks! Reklamy
—————————————————————————————–From: jan@onepixelbrush.comTo: reklamy257@gmail.comCC: jan.herodek@seznam.cz
Hi Reklamy,
The projects look really fascinating! We’d love to help with concepting or with visual development for those, if needed at any point in future.
With our 50 artists and Art Directors, we’re not in need of hiring more artists at the moment.
But I’d love to stay in touch, and I can keep you periodically updated with our latest work from time to time. I’m glad we connected and I will look forward to any future cooperation.
Have a great day!Jan  —————————————————————————————–From: reklamy257@gmail.comTo: jan@onepixelbrush.comCC: jan.herodek@seznam.cz
Hello Jan,Thank you for your mail and feedback.
Yes, it is very good for both of us to reconnect once every while, as the industry and technology itself is changing so rapidly these days. Please feel free to mail me again anytime, and please send my hellos to Shaddy-san and your awesomely talented team 😊
All the best,Reklamy

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